Sunday, 2 February 2014

30 Days progress

So I have reached my first target of 30 days doing DDPYOGA, I have been doing the workouts anything between 3 to 5 days per week. I had been attempting to run, which was not working out. I run too slowly & I'm getting bored doing it. I would rather spend my valuable time doing DDPYOGA. So that's all I am doing now (as well as healthy eating).
Weight loss had not been good at all this month but then last Tuesday happened. I lost 2lb which made me very happy.

I have had my 30 days progress photos taken. I realised after my day 1 photos that the clothing that I was wearing were too baggy, so it would be difficult to notice any difference in my body shape. So for today's photos I have decided to wear a very unforgiving top that shows every bulge (shudder). At least I will be able to notice changes when I get to my 60 day photos.

I'm still loving the workouts as we are currently doing Energy! and Fat Burner, with an occasional RHC thrown in too. I may attempt Strength builder this week as I love that workout.

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